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Butcher Board is a quick-service casual concept with a chef-driven and meat-centric menu. Click to read the interesting story of how Butcher Board came to life.
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How Butcher Board Came To Be

Butcher Board story

How Butcher Board Came To Be

“Hack it. Stack it.” That’s our motto, plain and simple. The first true “carvery brand” of its kind, our tender, hand-carved meat here at Butcher Board is all freshly sliced to order, then piled high on locally-sourced bread to create your sandwich of choice. Butcher Board is a quick-service casual concept with a chef-driven and meat-centric menu.


The creation of Butcher Board began years ago, when one of our owners was growing up in the Northeast. Some days, he would get dressed up in a suit for school. Puzzled, his Mom would drop him off wondering what in the world inspired him to dress so extravagantly. Unbeknownst to her, his Dad would pick him up and take his son with him to work on Wall Street.


It was there in Manhattan that he discovered a gem, a real NYC carvery that hand-carved their meat and served it up fresh, stacked thick on a sandwich. This simple yet poignant concept stuck with him throughout the years, eventually inspiring the birth of what is now known as Butcher Board.


We believe in letting natural flavors shine. Vegetables should taste like vegetables. Meat should taste like meat. At most sandwich shops, they use deli meat that is chock full of preservatives. That’s where we stand out: No deli meat here. Cut out the preservatives, and you’ve got meat the way nature intended. Our true carvery serves only meats that are prepared in-house. All of our Prime Hereford beef is 30-day wet aged in our meat locker, and all of our meats are smoked, braised, or brined daily right here in our own kitchen.


Come and see us for a quick lunch or a family dinner that is protein-packed and will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Located right off the square in beautiful Downtown McKinney, Texas, we’re right in the thick of it – just like our sandwiches.

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